The #iLoveMe Manifesto describes the main points of our self-love concept:
Beauty is an attitude more than a stereotype and icoone awakens it and makes your uniqueness blossom.

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Beauty uniqueness

We believe in authentic beauty as a unique value that unites everyone, beyond any aesthetic difference.
Beauty is an attitude more than a cultural stereotype and icoone®, enhancing your natural beauty, is the perfect ally to build it.
Not according to a model of beauty to conform to, but by cultivating your exclusive and personal sense of beauty.

Beauty uniqueness

Natural beauty

Loving yourself means also to rediscover your own natural beauty and feeling fulfilled about how you are.
Our non-invasive and 100% natural treatments can play a role in this process, supporting you to gently retrieve your beauty, enhance it and bring it out.

Natural beauty

A new way to treat all skin types

We approach the skin in a new way, considering it as a living, breathing organ that consist of a network of fibers, no matter what aspect it takes externally.
Roboderm® is the only technology in the world to perform microstimulations, a unique way to treat every kind of skin, stimulating the connective tissue.

Skin types

Scientific approach for unbeatable results

Science is at the basis of the technological development of all our devices, to offer increasingly personalized treatments that achieve visible and lasting results from the first session, both in terms of aesthetics and rehabilitation.
Love for oneself, for the well-being of the body, is the concept that fuels the research we carry out every day, thanks to its technology and its treatments, and which is reflected in the work of the icoone centers located all over the world.

Scientific results

Feeling the perfection

How you feel in your own skin is more important than how it appears.
Our treatments help you feeling comfortable in your skin, experiencing a sense of harmony and fulfillment.
We believe in a multicultural and inclusive concept of beauty that looks to different morphologies and cultures as distinctive values.


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